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Belly dance show | Bachelorette Party | Workshop

Belly dance show for your event

Maja is a belly dancer with many years experience from belly dance and an experienced entertainer. She performs at parties, weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, bridal parties/bachelorette parties, restaurants, festivals, cultural events, concerts, clubs and other different events around Stockholm. To hire Maja as belly dancer to your event means you will get a family friendly and spectacular belly dance show of the highest quality that will be unforgettable. Maja dances with allot of charisma and she knows the art of charming an audience. With beautiful costumes, music and belly dance Maja is sure to be the highlight of your event.


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Bachelorette parties with belly dance

Belly dance and oriental dance is a popular and fun element to any bachelorette party. Surprise the bride and guests with a lesson in belly dance. The bride loans a belly dance costume and the other guests tie a hip scarf around their hips to mark their movements. Maja meets you in your home or in a dance studio, and the lesson can be combined with a performance by Maja to surprise the bride. Maja has a fixed price, no matter how many participants in the lesson. It will be an unforgettable memory, so don't forget the camera. Go to page Contact/Book for more information, prize and booking.


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Belly dance workshop

A workshop or private belly dance lesson is a fun and exciting way to get a cultural experience, exercise and increase your mobility. Maja offers workshops in belly dance and oriental dance for those that want to try belly dance for the first time, practice and improve technique, want to learn a whole choreography or what to combine technique training with choreography. The workshop is designed to your preferences and you learn after your own ability, no matter if you are a beginner or have dance for a while. Maja will meet you in your home or in a rented studio (which is recommended if you dance at a higher level and want choreography). Go to page Contact/Book for more information, prize and booking.


Book Maja to your event

Go to page Contact/Book for more information, prize and booking and get a step closer to an event filled with belly dance entertainment with Maja. It may also be beneficial to visit the page FAQ where you can find information and answers to the most common questions asked when booking Maja for a belly dance show, bachelorette party or workshop. You can also find Maja on Youtube    and Instagram!


"Your show was the best part of the party. Thanks!"

~ Johan

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