Frequently Asked Questions

Maja has during her many years as a belly dancer allot of experience of answering questions and thoughts that often comes to mind when booking her for a show, lesson or bridal party. In this section Maja answers the most frequently asked questions and with that you may find some answers and information that may be of help to you. If you have other questions that not are answered here you can get in contact with Maja by filling out the Contact/Book form, or contacting her via e-mail: Maja contacts you as soon as possible.


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To hire or book Maja as a belly dancer to your event

What does Maja need to know about your event?

Off course Maja needs to know date, time and place for your event. Please tell if you have any requests in regard to style of music, dance style, belly dance costume and how long show you wish to have at your event (if you have any requests) so that Maja can meet your expectations. It may be of use to Maja to know whether the performance is outdoors or indoors, what type of an event it is, for instant a birthday party, wedding or corporate event to get an idea of what type of event it is, and whether you like the audience and guests to get asked join in to dance.


What is the prize to hire Maja as a belly dancer?

The prizes for Maja's belly dance shows vary depending on for example how long show you wish to have, if you like several performances during the same event and enable for costume change, or if you like to have the show on a holiday such as Christmas or new years eve. There may also be additional costs for travel and accommodation if the event is far from Stockholm. Normally the prize stars at 1000 kr (Swedish crowns) and goes up. The payment is always in cash or with Swish!


How far in advance should I book Maja for a belly dance show?

It is always better to book Maja far in advance to be sure that she is available for a show or bridal party. However it is also possible to book Maja last minute (sometimes as late as the same day as the event) but then the risk is higher that she is already booked. Maja can always recommend you to other professional belly dancers in the Stockholm area if she herself is not able to dance at your event.


Is it possible to hire Maja even if we live outside of Stockholm?

You can off course hire Maja even if you live outside of Stockholm but then there are additional traveling costs and if Maja needs to stay over there will also be costs for accommodation. Contact Maja for a quotation for your event.


Where does Maja change before and after her show?

Maja need somewhere before and after the show where she can change. The changing room needs to consist of four walls and a door that can be closed (it is not ok to hold up a sheet and expect Maja to change behind it, which has been suggested). Usually a clean toilet will suffice as changing room.


How large dance area does Maja need for her show?

Maja can always adapt her show to the size of the room or dance area, but if you wish to have a show that includes dance with veil, cane, isis wings or fan veils this might require somewhat more space. If you wish for dance with shamadan (dance with candles on your head) at your event, this will require high ceilings and knowledge about smoke alarms and sprinklers so that the alarm doesn't goes off or sprinklers start to sprinkle water around. It is of interest for Maja to know whether the dance show is on a "dance floor" or "in between tables".


What type of sound system is needed?

Maja offers music on a CD-disk, as mp3- files on a USB stick or e-mailed to you as mp3-files before the show. That is why you as booker are responsible for the venue to have a working sound system for the show, lesson or bachelorette party. If you are utilizing a DJ for your event that is responsible for music and sound system it might be a go thing to talk to that person about how he/she would like the music.


What type of music does Maja dance to?

The music can vary from the most classic oriental music to modern Arabic pop depending on your requests. Please come with requests on what music you would like to have at your event if you have any for example Egyptian music, zaffa music, or shabi music etc. Maja will put together an exciting music program for her belly dance show if you don't have any specific requests.


Are you allowed to tip Maja during her show?

Tip is not something that is expected but is a nice way for guests and audience to show their appreciation for the belly dance show. But tips must always be given in a respectful manor! This is done by giving the tip in Maja's hand during the show, by placing it by her bra strap on top of her shoulder or by the belly dance costume's belt by the hip. It is also okay with the traditional "money showers" where money is thrown on the belly dancer. Tips can also be given to Maja after the show as well. If a situation comes up were tips are given in a disrespectful way the show is stopped immediately.


Are we allowed to film and take photos during Maja's belly dance show?

You are off course allowed to film and take photos during Maja's shows. Please send photos and video clips to Maja, or links to them, via e-mail:


Can I book Maja for a bachelorette party?

You can off course book Maja for a bachelorette party! Belly dance and oriental dance is a popular and fun way to celebrate at the bachelorette party. Surprise the bride to be and all the other guests with a belly dance workshop. The bride to be gets to borrow a beautiful belly dance costume and all the other participants borrows hip scarves to tie around their hips to show off their hip movements. Maja will meet you in your home (if it's big enough) or in a rented studio. The workshop can be combined with a belly dance show by Maja. It will be an unforgettable memory, so don't forget to bring your camera. Maja has a fixed price regardless how many participants you are. Contact Maja for more information through the Contact/Book form.


Does Maja perform at bachelor parties?

Maja does not as a rule perform for an all male audience. Maja only offers a family friendly belly dance show and decline from all non-serious requests.


I have questions for Maja, can I call her?

After an initial contact through the Contact/Book form or via email ( you will have access to a phone number that you can reach Maja on with your questions.